Minnesota Rabbit Removal

Rabbits are not an animal that typically comes to mind when thinking of a nuisance, but they can be. These adorable little creatures are quite curious and multiply rapidly, they also dig tunnels under the ground wreaking havoc on your property. They also like to eat plants, vegetables, and any other vegetation in your Minnesota yard.

The Most Common Rabbit Complaints:

  • Multiplying quickly
  • Destroying vegetation
  • Digging tunnels underneath buildings and homes

How Do I Get Rid of Rabbits?

  • Call Francis Animal and Pest Control for proper, professional rabbit removal
  • A sturdy fence can prevent rabbits from eating your vegetables and from getting in your property
  • Live trapping and removal
  • Dogs and cats will chase and sometimes kill rabbits, but not effectively

If you live in Minnesota and are experiencing problems with rabbits invading your property, call Francis. We are professionals and can get the job done right the first time.

Call us at 866-838-2868 to get started.